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Your education on your dental health is important to us. The more you can understand about your treatments or procedures, the better. We invite you to peruse our FAQs below for further information in regards to our orthodontic treatments and services.

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How can I straighten my smile without anyone noticing?

With recent innovations in the orthodontics, there is a range of virtually invisible treatment options available.

One of these treatment options is Invisalign. This orthodontic treatment utilises a series of transparent aligners to gently shift your smile into perfect alignment. The fact these aligners are removable makes it a lifestyle friendly option, as they can be removed to enjoy your favourite foods, maintain your oral hygiene and for photographs and special events.

Can adults receive orthodontic treatment?

Although the best orthodontic results are achieved during childhood and adolescence, adults can still achieve stellar results with orthodontic treatment.

During childhood and adolescence, orthodontic treatment takes advantage of the growing jaw to guide it into perfect position. During adulthood our jaw bone is no longer growing, which can mean that some orthodontic cases may require surgery to achieve a fully functional beautiful smile. That said, adults are usually more diligent when it comes to their treatment plan, which is why orthodontic treatment remains a highly viable option for adult candidates.

How can I maintain my results after orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic appliances are the key to maintaining your beautifully straight smile.

At Designer Orthodontics, we have a comprehensive range of orthodontic appliances essential to maintaining the beautiful results you have achieved through orthodontic treatment.

When should my child first visit the orthodontist?

We recommend that children visit our orthodontic practice located in Melbourne at the age of seven for a consultation.

This gives our team of highly experienced orthodontists ample time to employ early intervention treatment if it is necessary. Early intervention orthodontic treatment can save your child lengthy orthodontic treatment down the track, and can have a dramatic influence on the development of your child’s smile, facial appearance and overall health.

How long will it take to straighten my smile with orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment times vary on a case by case basis.

Depending on your individual oral situation, treatment times can range from 12 months to a few years. If you have undertaken early intervention orthodontic treatment this may reduce your treatment time, whilst adults may experience longer treatment times as their jawbone is no longer growing.

Are there any removable orthodontic treatment options?

With advances in orthodontic technology, there are removable orthodontic treatment options available.

Invisalign is a removable orthodontic treatment option we offer at our Melbourne orthodontic practices. We also have a range of orthodontic appliances that are removable and are sometimes used solely or in conjunction with traditional orthodontic treatment to straighten our patients’ smiles.

How can I care for my teeth while wearing braces?

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is highly important when you are undertaking orthodontic treatment.

We recommend our patients carefully brush their teeth after every meal, as braces can trap debris that decay-causing bacteria feed on. If proper oral hygiene is not maintained your braces may have to be removed early, leading to oral health issues and compromised results.

If I have braces do I still need dental check-ups every six months?

Regular dental check-ups are vital to supporting your oral health during orthodontic treatment.

You will still need to visit your general dentist every six months for your regular check-up and professional clean. This is vitally important as orthodontic treatment can make your teeth more difficult to clean.



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